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best hairdryer by far…👍

bought 1st laifen hairdryer…super satisfied…
decided to purchase 2nd laifen hairdryer…best decision…

The best hairdryer ever! Can fight with Dyson yet easy on the pocket!

Had been using the old conventional hairdryer for ages which was heavy and hot..Finally bought the Laifen after checking out reviews online.. I love the heat cycling function which dries hair fast but doesn't hurt the scalp for me and my little girls.. thank you laifen!

Very satisfied with this buy

Very satisfied with this buy, it’s so much better than normal or even salon kind hair dryer . Bought for this my friend , will get one for myself and love ones too . Light and fast drying .

Fast Delivery and good quality 👍

Fast Delivery and good quality 👍

As good as dyson!

As good as dyson!

Thumps Up!

Used to struggle to give a volume to my thinning hair and retain the shape throughout the next day. This one is totally a breeze comparing to a more expensive salon-type of hair dryer that I owned previously. Thumbs up to the engineering behind the product and the pricing!

Item was well received

Wind strength: strong enough to dry hair fast. Weight: light Sound: not too loud Used only cold and warm mode. Hot mode is too hot.


solid material and should be very reliable

Received with thanks

Delivery was efficient and packaging was perfect. Yet to use as is a gift to my partner. Thanks!


The packaging is sleek like iPhone box. Tested and it’s good. It’s not silent, quite noisy

Awesome quality

The wind is sufficient and the 3 temperature settings are more than enough.

Packaged and delivered well

Received within a week. Have been using for a month now and so far so good. Fast drying but if one is already using a relatively good hairdryer before, may not see much difference overall.

Awesome quality

The wind is sufficient and the 3 temperature settings are more than enough.

It's a gift for myself so I loved it!

Box was slightly dented even tho it came well protected in another box but item is working well.

Very good

Great Bought this during sale and my wife is very happy with the present, she said it works very well and much more efficient than normal hair dryer, super fast delivery too, delivered within 2 days from purchase.

I am happy

I am happy with the performance, strong wind even on the first setting

Received item in a good condition,

the holder is working well too! Good!

excellent performance

The hair dryer works very eell, powerful and yet gentle to the hair, hair is softer n seems more manageable to style too. Love it!

Laifen Swift High Speed Hair Dryer In Blue Gold
Packaging:well packed and damage free.

Usage Experience:from video it sounds loud but it actually isn't. unlike normal hairdryer, it's low in volume but high in power. definitely recommended. User Tips:please be careful with the magnetic parts on the attachment as well as the filter area. Super fast delivery within 2 working days. Thank you.

Delivery was fast

hv not tried yet but delivery man just leave it at the gate instead of riser & no text informing it's delivered.

Fast Delivery and Strong Flow of Wind.

There is an instruction manual in English.

Laifen Swift High Speed Hair Dryer In Blue Gold
Very fast delivery.

Good quality as most commented. Worth the value. Love it.

Satisfied Customer

Was looking at other premium brands for hairdryer, but Laifen came by. Did not regret the purchase with at least 50% cheaper than other premium brands. Device was lighter, quieter and just as good in serving its purpose!


Warm & cold mode is good Set to level 1 for first time use but not able to dry my thick hair fast. Lightweight, easy to hold. Have used Dyson at my hair salon, felt almost the same. Hopefully it's lasting.

Excellent packaging

Usage Experience:Light weight as compared to my current hairdryer. Sleek looking. Good quality. 2 wind strength and 3 heating mode. Worth buying - recommended by hairstylist.